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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Know Name Of Your SIM Techno Teenz

Social Engineering - Study Of Breaking Network Security Through Manipulation

Social engineering is a nontechnical method of breaking into a system or network. It's the process of deceiving users of a system and convincing them to give out information that can be used to defeat or bypass security mechanisms. Social engineering is important to understand because hackers can use it to attack the human element of a system and circumvent technical security measures. This method can be used to gather information before or during an attack.

The following is an example of social engineering recounted by Kapil Raina, currently a security expert at Verisign, based on an actual workplace experience with a previous employer. "One morning a few years back, a group of strangers walked into a large shipping firm and walked out with access to the firm's entire corporate network. How did they do it? By obtaining small amounts of access, bit by bit, from a number of different employees in that firm. First, they did research about the company for two days before even attempting to set foot on the premises. For example, they learned key employees' names by calling HR. Next, they pretended to lose their key to the front door, and a man let them in. Then they "lost" their identity badges when entering the third floor secured area, smiled, and a friendly employee opened the door for them. The strangers knew the CFO was out of town, so they were able to enter his office and obtain financial data off his unlocked computer. They dug through the corporate trash, finding all kinds of useful documents. They asked a janitor for a garbage pail in which to place their contents and carried all of this data out of the building in their hands. The strangers had studied the CFO's voice, so they were able to phone, pretending to be the CFO, in a rush, desperately in need of his network password. From there, they used regular technical hacking tools to gain super-user access into the system. In this case, the strangers were network consultants performing a security audit for the CFO without any other employees' knowledge. They were never given any privileged information from the CFO but were able to obtain all the access they wanted through social engineering." 

The most dangerous part of social engineering is that companies with authentication processes, firewalls, virtual private networks, and network-monitoring software are still wide open to attacks, because social engineering doesn't assault the security measures directly. Instead, a social-engineering attack bypasses the security measures and goes after the human element in an organization.

Easiest Hacking Trick - Manipulation

We all, who have not yet tasted the fun of hacking, have a misconception that hacking needs a mastery on programming languages and logical skills.

But its neither truth nor false. 

Yes hacking needs these two weapons. But there is a style of hacking which requires a much required technical skilland more of a coning skill. This style is well known as MANIPULATION.

An example of the using the art of manipulation is illustrated in the following example. The facilitator of a live Computer Security Institute demonstration showed the vulnerability of help desks when he dialed up a phone company, got transferred around, and reached the help desk. "Who's the supervisor on duty tonight?" "Oh, it's Betty." "Let me talk to Betty." [He's transferred.] "Hi Betty, having a bad day?" "No, why?…Your systems are down." She said, "my systems aren't down, we're running fine." He said, "you better sign off." She signed off. He said, "now sign on again." She signed on again. He said, "we didn't even show a blip, we show no change." He said, "sign off again." She did. "Betty, I'm going to have to sign on as you here to figure out what's happening with your ID. Let me have your user ID and password." So this senior supervisor at the help desk tells him her user ID and password. In a few minutes a hacker is able to get information that might have taken him days to get by capturing traffic and cracking the password. It is much easier to gain information by social engineering than by technical methods. People are usually the weakest link in the security chain. A successful defense depends on having good policies in place and teaching employees to follow the policies. Social engineering is the hardest form of attack to defend against because a company can't protect itself with hardware or software alone.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Top 5 Free Keyloggers Techno Teenz

I was just finding a good KEYLOGGER as requested by a friend and I was stunned to see that its like finding a needle in a haystack to find a good KEYLOGGER thats free of cost. Here after much effort is the list that may help you. 

Note: you wont be able to use the right click in my blog so just select the download linc and paste it on address bar. 

5 Free Keyloggers to monitor your 
Local PC or Laptop! 
Here is an exclusive list of top 10 free 
local keyloggers. However If you are 
planning to monitor only your PC or any 
PC which you have control of, then you 
can blindly go for "Hardware 
Keyloggers" as they are the safest 
keyloggers and operate in a complete 
stealth. If you Still wanna Prefer Free 
Keyloggers then below is the list of 
Free keyloggers that will really help 
you monitor your PC. 
1) REFOG Free Edition 
Refog Free Keylogger beats 
competition in two respects: it's simple 
to use and it's free. REFOG Free 
Keylogger can look after your children 
without them even noticing. Even 
technically minded children won't 
detect the key logger when it runs in a 
stealth mode. The program removes all 
the shortcuts and can be accessed only 
through a hot key combination. 
Running unobtrusively from the 
moment the system boots, REFOG Free 
Keylogger keeps track of all typed or 
pasted text. 
Download link: 
trial2.html or click here
2) Black box express 
Simple to use monitoring of one local 
computer; Monitor Screen recordings, 
Programs, Keystrokes typed, Websites, 
Web Searches, Emails/Webmails/ 
Instant Messenger Chat sent and 
received. Alerts and Warnings instantly 
or as a summary on your e-mail or cell 
phone. everything for 100% Free. No 
strings attached. 
Download link: 
f4c6-434e-9810-95de152cdce0  OR click here

3) Personal keylogger 
The Personal Keylogger application was 
designed to be a small tool that will 
allow you to secretly record all 
keystrokes and other input. All specific 
instructions are explained in the 
application. To exit it and receive your 
logs, you will need to enter in your 
keycode. If you have forgotten your 
keycode, you will need to restart the 
computer. Keycode is like password. To 
stop Personal keylogger, you can enter 
your keycode anywhere on the screen. 
Once you type-in your keycode, the 
keylogger will stop monitoring and the 
log.txt file will be created in your 
selected destination folder. 
Download link: OR click here 
4) Py keylogger 
PyKeylogger is an easy-to-use and 
simple keylogger written in python. It is 
primarily designed for backup 
purposes, but can be used as a stealth 
keylogger, too. It does not raise any 
trust issues, since it is a short python 
script that you can easily examine. It is 
primarily designed for personal backup 
purposes, rather than stealth 
keylogging. Thus, it does not make 
explicit attempts to hide its presence 
from the operating system or the user. 
That said, the only way it is visible is 
that the process name shows up in the 
task list, so it is not immediately 
apparent that there is a keylogger on 
the system. 
#Tip: Press and hold 'left-CTRL + Right- 
CTRL + F12′ keys simultaneously to 
bring up the Control Panel (default 
password is blank). 
Download link: 
1_win32_installer.exe/download OR click here

5) Heretic Macro 
Heretic is a powerful tool that is able to 
record user events, such as mouse 
clicks and keys, into a C/Java-like 
script, and play that script either once 
or repeatedly. It has many commands 
for dynamic pixel-based botting, 
window based botting, and static 
botting/macro-ing (i.e. key presses, 
mouse clicks, mouse moves, and 
Download link: 
downloads/Hereticsetup.exe   OR click here 

Monday, 12 November 2012

***Registry Hack to Tweak Your Windows PC*** Disable USB Devices

Microsoft Windows offers a feature-rich interface and several customization options that make it one of the most user friendly operating systems in the world. However, computer geeks would still love to hack the Windows Registry so as to add more extra features and functionalities to their operating system.

If you're one such geek who would like to customize Windows in your own way, here is a list of 8 interesting registry hacks that you need to try:

1. Disable USB Devices: 
Disabling USB ports can be a smart idea 
to add security to the computer. This 
can be really handy if the computer is 
on a public place where the chances of 
virus and other malware infection is 
really high. You can easily disable 
access to USB ports with the following 
registry hack: 
Open the Registry Editor (Start -> Run - 

> Type regedit and hit Enter) 
In the registry, navigate to the 
following key: 
In the right-side pane, double-click on 
In the "Value data" field enter 4 and 
click on "OK". 
Close the Registry Editor and reboot. 
To enable USB devices, follow the same 
procedure as above except in the 

step-4 enter 3 in the "Value data" field. 
Works on Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

START MENU in Windows8 - A confusing stop

Office 2010 Recommends Windows 8 Users to Click on the "Start Menu" Windows 8 is considered one of the most confusing Windows versions ever released by Microsoft, mostly because it doesn't comprise the traditional Start Menu available since the debut of Windows 95. Instead, Windows 8 comes with a Start Screen, but Office 2010 advises users to launch the built-in apps, such as Word, by clicking on the Start Menu. Now, we know that this has nothing to do with Microsoft and the Office 2010 installer was designed when Windows still had a Start Menu, but given the fact that Windows 8 adopters are confused by every minor modifications on their computers, such a thing would only make things worse. So, in case you've already deployed Windows 8 on your computer and you plan to use Office 2010 too, the installer is just outdated. Don't trust it, there's no such thing as a Start Menu in Windows 8!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

3G Hack - Unlimited 3G free on DOCOMO

Hia Fellas I guess you all have been waiting for a rockig trick just to chill around in network world in a better way. Till previous month I was just fed up of the slow speed internet in my mobile. No matter I buy an expensive set or a new sim the 2G speed iritates me.

Here is what I actually did. OMG!!! Till now my download speed in mobile varies from 500kbps to 1000kbps. 

Here are the simple steps that will clear all fog that has been created by search results till now. 


1. Tata Docomo SIM Card with 
a balance of more than Rs. 1 
2. 3G enabled cellphone 
1. Create New Access Point 
Using Below Configuration 
and restart your cellphone. 
Name : Tata Docomo 
or any 
Access Point ( APN ) 
Homepage : or 
Proxy : 
Proxy Port : 8080 
Username : leave 
Password : leave 
2. Download Operamini 4.2 
Handler Browser that you will find 
3. Open your Opera mini 
handler and do the 
following changes in the 
• Set Divein Settings 
as Default Settings 
• For Opera Mini 
Set http in Custom 
Field in your Opera 
Mini handler 
• Set Socket Server to 
• Keep Proxy Type as 
blank (Don't Enter 
Anything in Proxy 
Server Field) 
4. Done!! Now use your free 
unlimited 3G service.